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Fernando munoz

Looking for red tail cat


l need a Papyrocranus afer (Arowana Knifefish)

Fabian hernandez

Tiger Curare Severum / Heros severus


aba aba knife fish


aba aba knifefish

Devin Ross

I am looking for crenicichla compressiceps or regani.

Dwarf pike cichlids of any kind would be nice


I’m looking for Microphis Deocata


Microphis Deocata

Danisha Molina

Hi, I’m looking for a 10-12 inch SILVER AROWANA

Nate Dorr

Gulper Catfish

Justin Finley

Looking for a seed pair of wild caught Rio Magdalena umbees.


I am looking for a clown fish

Brent Sanders

Aethiomastacembelus sp. “Rosette” of lake Malawi

Justin S

Jaguar catfish

Peter Colon

Mangrove snapper Jack , Jack crevelly

Joe Esposito

Wodering if you know where I can locate some Blue Oscars??

kevin aguilar

Can you guys get Short Body Clown knifes ? specifically albino or golden ?

Alberto Soto

I am looking for 2 types of fish
Metriaclima fainzilberi nkanda mc
Metriaclima fainzilberi makonde mc/ob I would like males and females to both species

Alberto Soto

I am looking for 2 types of fish
Metriaclima fainzilberi nkanda mc
Metriaclima fainzilberi makonde mc/ob


Bowfin (Amia calva)

Tim Hardy

Looking for hemichromis frempongi or fasciatus


Silver datnoid


Clown knife fish


Hello can you get any vampire plecos galaxy plecos or gold spot plecos

Robert E Jones

Im looking for Black widow breeding frontosa colony and Im looking for Star night frontosa

Lorie Burns

Looking for a Acanthicus Adonis pleco L155 please let me know if you get any

John Naimo

Can you guys get Petrochromis Africans?
Thx John

Nate Dorr

Chattahoochee Bass

Joy Appleseth

3" to 4" clown loaches x5

uarus X5 3"

5-3" uarus

Joy Appleseth

Red shoulder/Rotkiel severum x5 3"


Looking for a dolphin fish, the species that kind of looks like an actual dolphin


Looking for a Marbled Clarias Catfish.

Joy Appleseth

I am looking for two of the three to four inch Rotkiel severum or five of the two to three inch Rotkiel severum. Preferably on the three to four inch a male and female or two that get along 😂 please please contact me when you get these I will definitely buy!


Leaping Blenny (Alticus saliens)
Also known as Crested Blenny, Jumping Blenny, Leaping Rockskipper, Lizard Skipper, Rock Hopper, Rockskipper, Walking Blenn


Pea Puffer (Jumbo Size), Top Hat Blenny (Omobranchus fasciolatoceps)


Satanoperca Lilith

Randall Taylor

Looking for a true Piraiba Catfish

Tomas Vefur

Alligator Gar (Atractosteus Spatula)


Etroplus Canarensis x 8

David Hartley

Looking for 2-3 wild caught 5 band rotkeil severums.


Looking for a female Platinum Longfin Senegal Bichir

bruce freedman

Jureunce catfish

Bill, Payne

I was looking for Frontosa Xanthic

Fayad Aziz

4 inch plus Green terror

Caroline Jenkinson

High grade Chilli red Oscar fish

Hunter Reynolds

I’m searching for a group of 4-6 ctenopoma nebulosum no common name. They’re African bush fish from the same region as cross river puffers.

Chris Cosby

Looking for an alligator gar. Preferably sub adult but will take babies or adults


Jau catfish


Looking for tetras the green ones that get up to 3 to 4 inches.and iam looking for a good deal on colorful guppies male and female a mix

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