Lowest Price Guarantee - Price Matching

We are so confident that we offer the lowest prices online that we made the terms for price matching very simple! Just fill out the form below if you find a better price elsewhere and we won't just match it, WE WILL BEAT IT BY 5%!

  • The fish must be of similar size and quality. This would include coloring, markings, and health.  
  • The fish must be listed with another online retailer within the United States that specializes in Live Tropical Fish. 
  • The fish must be currently in stock and available for purchase right now. 
What does not qualify: 
  • Fish that are sold via private sale. This would include fish being sold from private collectors/hobbyists, eBay listings, Facebook listings, Aquabid listings, etc. 
  • Local Fish Store prices. We will only honor the prices of other online fish retailers. We will not match the price of a fish at your local brick and mortar store, unless they have a website where they also sell online and ship. 
  • Sales. We will guarantee a price match on the full listing price of our competitors. We will sometimes make exceptions for sales that our competitors run, but this is not guaranteed and is issued at our discretion. 
  • Fish that are currently out of stock.  

Please note that this guarantee is not based solely on the price of the fish itself and does include any shipping costs. We will beat the final checkout price of our competitors including shipping, handling, and any other included fees. Please submit a photo of the final checkout price offered by our competition in the form below in order for us to provide a price match!

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