We take great pride in our packaging and losses are a very rare occurrence, even when shipments are unexpectedly delayed. Live arrival is always guaranteed on every order, given the conditions below are met. If there are any DOA's in your order, we will offer you a full refund for the value of the lost livestock or store credit towards your next purchase with a 5% bonus added, minus any shipping charges. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Conditions of Live Arrival Guarantee
1. The package must be received on the first delivery attempt and must be sent to the correct address; not a forwarding address. 
2. Temperatures in your area must be between 50-90°F, unless you include Heat or Cold packs in your order.
3. You must fill out our DOA Claim Submission Form within 2 hours of delivery and provide clear video of the fish inside of the sealed bag. 
We are not responsible for any losses that occur after the fish is removed from the bag or beyond 2 hours after the marked delivery time, so please make sure that you are available to receive your fish as soon as they arrive and that your tank is ready to accept new livestock. 
If your livestock is insured with our additional 7-Day or 30-Day Protection and you need to file a claim, please fill out the Insurance Claim Submission Form

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